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Chapter 1

Expedite Weight Loss

Achieve results faster with delicious recipes for meals and drinks. Use it in combination with the InstaFitFuel program for a flat, toned tummy.

Chapter 2

InstaFitFuel Guide

Ideal for men and women who want to target belly fat with simple, quick and effective workouts that you can do almost anywhere!

Chapter 3

Real Celebrities Meal Plans And Recipes:

Wondered how actors seem to get in shape so quickly before a movie? Or how reality TV stars like Kim Kardashian and pop stars like Beyonce can have a baby and, within weeks, get back down to a sexy, slim waist?

Chapter 4

Meal Plans and Recipes from Celebrity Chefs

Are you ready to eat your way to a sexy, slim figure? Enjoy recipes from straight from A list celebrity chefs! These fat burning and metabolism boosting meal plans are so mouth-watering, you won’t even realize you are dieting!

Chapter 5

What the Diet and Beauty Industry Don’t Want You to Know

Discover the one potent ingredient that has the ability that has the highest nutrients in reversing signs of aging and slimming the figure. In addition, you will also learn the nutrients that you should be consuming more of!

But most importantly, the few ingredients you SHOULD NOT add to your grocery list because they are causing you to age faster than you should!

Chapter 6

Anti Aging Secrets

Have the hands of time taken a toll on your overall appearance? Discover the foods that boost the aging process and the ones that keep your wrinkles at bay.

Chapter 7

Get the Best Skin You’ve Ever Had

Have you ever wondered why you keep paying crucial attention to your skin and somehow still manage to not see the results you really want? Learn what you are unexpectedly doing that is causing you to not get the real results you want!

Chapter 8

Revive Damaged or Aged Hair

Have you ever wondered how some models have thick, shiny and long hair naturally? You will be astounded how it quickly revives your hair in just first use... And the best part is? You probably have a few of the ingredients in your kitchen pantry right now!

Fade Away Scars and Stretch Marks

Get rid of those pregnancy stretch marks or scars. You deserve to feel confident after your weight loss! Stretch marks and scars disappear so easily with this one home remedy!

Countdown To Competition:

Wanna make sure you’re the most attractive one out of all of your friends at an upcoming event? Get exclusive secrets on how to burn fat stored over the years in your troubled area in just a two weeks or less!